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Dr Philip Parry - Thai Registered Chiropractor - faq

Q1.  What can I expect from my first consultation?

A1.  Normally your first visit can last up to 30 minutes and during this time your Chiropractor will take a full case history.  A thorough neurological and orthopaedic examination will be conducted to determine the diagnosis.  On occasions x-rays may be taken but ONLY if deemed necessary.

As a primary health care provider, your Chiropractor’s first concern is to find out what is wrong.  They will also check for signs of any serious conditions for which you would need specialist or treatment at a hospital.

Q2.  How many times do I need to see the Chiropractor?

A2.  Most people find between 2 and 6 appointments sufficient to address most problems with the frequency depending on a number of factors such as extent and duration of injury.

The anticipated number of appointments will be discussed with you prior to treatment. Once you’re up and running, you may wish to choose to have a bi-yearly check up to keep chronic conditions under control.  This wellness paradigm is similar to that of the model used in dentistry.

Q3.  Do I have to have an x-ray?

A3.  Your Chiropractor will only recommend that an x-ray be taken if there is a valid clinical reason for doing so.  Like all health professionals, Chiropractors must comply with the legislation that governs the use of x-rays – The UK Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000.

Q4.  Will I hear a cracking or popping noise when I am adjusted?

A4.  Absolutely not.  The adjustments are low force by nature and you will not feel any cracking sounds or the discomfort that often accompanies the more manipulative style of treatment.

Q5.  Is Chiropractic safe for babies, children and pregnant women?

A5.  Dr Philip has completed a 3-year Master of Science in Chiropractic Paediatrics and regularly assists pregnant women and new born babies alike.

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